Happy Diwali!Enjoy it with fun and care


do and don't do,Enjoy it with fun and careHere are some do’s and don’ts for you and your beloved dogs
to enjoy Diwali with care and fun.

For You
Enjoy it with fun and care

  • * Children should always burst crackers under the supervision of adults.
  • * Burst crackers in large spaces only.
  • * Use protective glasses.
  • * Put potato Slices on the burnt area for immediate relief.
  • * Wash the burnt area immediately with fresh water and cool with ice packs or cool water.
  • * Apply antiseptic powder or cream.
  • * Cover the area with clean sheet or towel.
  • * Wear cotton clothes while bursting crackers.


  • * Don’t remove pieces of burnt flesh or dead tissue.
  • * Don’t prick blisters.
  • * Don’t apply ghee, haldi, atta or toothpaste.
  • * Bombs should not be set on fire in hands.

For your Dogs

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