Rail network to get widened in Jharkhand

Pic Representational : Courtesy-supplychaindigital.com

An outlay of Rs. 574 Crore has been provided for eight new lines, one gauge conversion, ten doubling and three electrification projects falling fully or partly in Jharkhand during 2012-13. Once completed these projects will augment railway network by 1353 kilometers.

Kotla Jaya Surya Prakash Reddy, the union minister of state for railways informed Rajya Sabha in response to a question from Parimal Nathwani. Of these, 163 kilometers of new lines and 32 kilometers of doubling sections were targeted for completion during the year,Redyy added.

On question from Mr. Nathwani about railway’s project-proposals in Jharkhand for the twelfth five year plan,Reddy pointed out that projects were undertaken railway-wise and not state-wise; and that the projects were sanctioned every year depending upon requirement and justification.

Reddy also stated that details of projects to be sanctioned for whole of twelfth plan were yet to be firmed up. However in the first year of the tweleveth plan(2012-13),Manoharpur-Bondamunda doubling of 30 kilometers and Rajkharswan – Chakardharpur of 20 kilometers are going to be taken up in Jharkhand,he replied.

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