Air taxi service for Ranchi-Patna launched


A new chapter was added in the aviation sector today when a private air taxi service between Jharkhand and its parent state Bihar was launched.

The day marked a charted flight taking off on its first flight from Ranchi.The three –seater chartered plane of the Spirit Air Private Ltd(SAPL),a Lucknow based private air –taxi provider, was seen flying in the sky with one person hiring the aircraft from Ranchi to fly to Patna.

As it is,SAPL had entered into a deal with DTDS Travel and Tour Planner Private Ltd for a month to kick start its service on the airports in Ranchi,Gaya and Patna.These airports are owned and maintained by Airport Authority of India.The service providers are going to make available their service on three days a week on Monday,Thursday and Saturday.

As per the deal,a customer has to approach DTDS.In turn,DTDS is supposed to book Spirit Air’s three-seater Cessna 172 Sky Hawk aircraft.

During this month SAPL-DTDS will study the business and decide whether to continue or terminate the agreement.“After the lapse of one month we assess the business performance and decide whether or not to continue with the agreement.If the business will not be in tune with establishment cost,we will withdraw the service”,said a senior DTDS officer.

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