XISS holds conferance on poverty and livelihood security

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XISS Ranchi, mba collage in ranchiFormality was the key at the conference organised by XISS on “Governance of Commons and Livelihood Security”on August 17-18.

The theme of the 1st session of second day conference was:“Poverty, Social Exclusion and Commons”.

This session was chaired by Dr. Ramesh Saran, Professor, Department of Economics, Ranchi University and the session was coordinated by Dr. S. K. Prasad. Guest speaker of this session was Dr. D. Suar, Sr. Prof., IIT, Kharagpur, and Sanjay Upadhayay, Advocate Supreme Court of India.

Dr. D. Suar, Delivered his guest speech on the topic “Commons, Poverty and Social Exclusion”. Collective management of common property resources at grassroots builds the capabilities of disadvantage communities to mitigate the risk of poverty and social exclusion. It can be a safety net and insurance for the marginalized.

This objective can be achieved through collaborative efforts of people,institutional arrangement, use of technology, and collective rationalization of needs that the commons can meet,said Suar.

To substantiate his argument,he cited case studies and said that management of commons and policies were derived to counter poverty,social exclusion,gender inequality,and inequitable distribution of benefits.

Sanjay Upadhyay during his guest speech on the topic “Protecting Commons: Needs a Fresh Legal Perspective”,said,what is less understood is the legal framework within which such commons operate in terms of their use, access, conservation and acquisition.

Commons in a strictly legal sense may be defined to be those lands in which rights of commons exist,the use of which is not appreciated to an individual, but belongs to the public.It is increasingly becoming clear that conflicting laws and policies, different state priorities and legal uncertainties on commons can result in its total discrimination and mostly affect the already affected – the marginalized, especially in rural and tribal India,said Upadhaya.

The national as well as state policy and legal choices on how to use commons are showing a pattern.It shows a design of total disregard for common purpose while giving way to either industrial or commercial demand purportedly for larger common good or individual interest again under the grab of individual emancipation for the landless. This needs urgent attention from the legal perspective,said Upadhaya arguing for strict implementation of PESA in the scheduled area.

The paper presentators of this session were S. Ghimre, E. M. Rezi, Niranjan Kumar and Suddep Kumar.

The theme of second session of this conference was “Success Stories-Commons, Livelihood Security and Conservation of Biodiversity”.

This session was chaired by Prof. Shishir Choudhary, Head Economics-St. Xavier College, Ranchi and the session was coordinated by Mr. Niranjan Sahoo. Guest speaker of this session was Mr. Rahul Chaturvedi, XISS’s Dr. Anant Kumar.

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