‘World Tibet Day’ to be observed on July 6


The 80th birthday of the XIV Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, will be observed as ‘World Tibet Day’ on July 6 by Tibet Support Groups and Tibet supporters all over the world.

Friends of Tibet, one of the principal organisers of ‘World Tibet Day’ worldwide, expects more than 40 countries to join the event with various events and related activities, according to a press release today.

World Tibet Day was initiated in Chicago in 1997 at an informal meeting between Tendzin Choegyal, the Dalai Lama’s younger brother and Richard Rosenkranz, a Pulitzer Prize nominee in history and a former correspondent from the US Senate.

Rosenkranz proposed the concept of WTD, saying it could become an annual worldwide event, designed to help the Tibetan people regain essential freedoms.

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