World Mental Day observed at RINPAS


World Mental Day,World Mental Health Day,All about mental disorders,WHO,global health crisisOxford dictionary defines it as ‘severe despondency and dejection.’Psychiatrist calls it ‘depression’-a mental disease whose symptoms include sleeplessness,irritation,fatigue and not feeling fresh after waking up in the morning.

In India,nearly five percent people were in the grip of this mental ailment.In a study carried out in 2009,20 persons in every 1000 population in urban area were its victims,said Dr AK Singh.

Dr A.K Singh,Director of Ranchi Institute of Neuro-Psychiatry & Allied Sciences,delivered a speech on ‘Depression’ inside this mental hospital on the occasion of the World Mental Health Day on October 10.He said that though in rural areas the number of the affected persons was 10 in 1000,in cities such as Kanpur and Jamshedpur,the figure was much higher -32.5 in 1000.

Comparatively,more than double the number of women suffered from this ailment than men.Among them the women above 55 years were more susceptible to it.”Now even children are becoming its victims”,said Dr Singh adding:”In nuclear families,the disease was more rampant.”

This mental ailment can be prevented and cured by doing physical work,exercise and yoga on a regular basis.”All these work to release stress”,said Dr Sngh

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