Work to run Bullet trains in India begins


Feasiblity to run Bullet trains in India has begun,Indian Railways,Electrical Multiple Unit,Rajdhani,Indian Ralways,Bullet trainsFeasiblity to run Bullet trains in India has begun.

As announced in the budget,seven corridors have been identified for conducting pre feasibility studies for running high speed trains(Bullet trains) at speed above 350 kmph.

These corridors will be put up through PPP route.

A study is also being done on Delhi-Mumbai route with Japanese help to raise the speed of passenger trains from 160 kmph to 200 kmph being referred to as semi high speed.

In addition,in a statement,Indian Railways said it is working on the concept of acquiring Electrical Multiple Unit(EMU)train sets for inter city journeys for operating speeds running from 130-160 km/per hour.

“Existing Railway track on Rajdhani route is fit for running trains upto a speed of 150 kmph,but average speed is less than 90 kmph due to large number of speed restrictions and decelaration characteristic of existing loco hauled trains”,said the statement issued by the Indian Ralways.

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