Women rob by taking off bra


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A new form of crime committed by the fair sex has come to light in Malaysia where a group of Vietnamese women had jumped into the crime world.

Their modus operndi was simple.On the week end,they looked around for their potential target.Once spotted,one of them came close to her customer.Then when,he waved friendly vives,she robbed him and before escaping flashed her breast to leave him dazed,said an ANI report.

“Hawkers and traders in Malaysia have encountered cases where a group of Vietnamese women robbed their customers and flashed their breasts to ‘stun’ the victims while they escape, it has been revealed”,said the same report.

The Sun quoted a hawker Chow Kwai Chet saying he recounted an incident when a woman was caught stealing a customer’s wallet.Seconds later she took off her top and became braless.”She then screamed ‘molest!’”.
Chet had reportedly tried to nab a “petite woman, believed to be a Vietnamese in her 30s, when she was caught stealing his wallet”,said the report

“However, a female hawker slapped and scolded her,” Chow reportedly said at a press conference with MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong.

“Another hawker, Leng Chin Huat, said that the women would usually come in a group of three to four individuals and were believed to be part of a syndicate…However, the police had to let them go as they could not find the stolen items on them,”

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