Woman panchayat leader shot dead by Maoists in Gumla


Woman panchayat leader shot dead

Yet another panchayat representative was killed by the Maoists in Jharkhand.This time the victim was a woman.

Kalawati Devi,a member of the Gumla District Board,was inside her house at Nathpur village last night when her husband Suresh Ram was not around.

In his absence,a group of 4-5 cadres of the People’s Liberation Front of India arrived,caught hold of her and took her away.When her relatives and friends began the search in the wee hours today,her bullet ridden body was found in a non descript site of another village.”It seems she was shot dead from a close range”,said the police.

The police suspect the crime was the handiwork of the armed squad led by Parmeshwar Gope of the PLFI,a breakaway faction of the CPI(ML).Both the PLFI and the CPI(Maoist) were opposed to the electoral politics.

Before the panchayat polls were held in this state in 2010,the Maoists had given a boycott call.This was defied by the people and a record number of female Mukhiyas were elected.Kalawati was one of them.

In response,the Maoists started punishing the elected representatives in their own areas of influence.Devi is the fifth representative of the panchayat who was killed by the Maoists in Jharkhand.

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