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With the fast-paced life in a competitive environment, neck pain has become a common ailment even for young people, and Ranchi-based Allopathic-cum-homeopathic doctor Dr U S Verma advises to avoid stress and practice relaxation techniques.

If the pain, known as cervical spondylosis and a painful condition, persists for more than three months, is treated as a chronic ailment, says the Chief Medical Officer, the Birsa Agricultural University Hospital.

Dr Verma says a cocktail of homeopathic medicine and proper physiotherapy could cure cervical spondylosis completely.

“While allopathic has only pain killers, steroid injections or surgery as treatment for the painful disease, Homeopathic treatment is effective. But it will take as long as a year for complete cure,” Dr Verma, who has completed a diploma in medicine and surgery (homeopathic) after completing MBBS in Ranchi, says.
Besides ageing process, the doctor says, neck pain develops by an injury or improper sitting and sleeping postures, and in some cases hereditary.

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Advising regular exercise and stretches, the doctor also suggests avoiding stress, applying hot water bag on the affected area, using a soft neck collar, gently exercise the neck muscles, rest, avoid pillow and have a gentle massage.

  • His tips for prevention of the disease are;
  • Exercise regularly
  • Take frequent breaks while driving
  • Avoid sleeping on stomach
  • Use seat belts and helmets to prevent injuries
  • Use headsets while attending phone calls
  • Don’t hunch while working on computers
  • Keep the computer at eye level
  • Avoid pillow

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