Want to earn?Make money online

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Thanks to the tremendous scope offered by the internet, anybody who’s enterprising can carve a niche for themselves and earn money online.

These following ways are for anyone to follow and these opportunities are up for the grabs for students looking for a bit of spending money.

1)E-tutoring: The ever rising demand for tutors has taken teaching to its next level and opened up scope for online tuition rooms.These virtual classrooms include Sakai, WebCT, and Blackboard. This is also taking a strong in India. An article carried out by the Economic Times that people from around the globe are flooding to Indian e-tutors since they have to pay to conventionally tutoror even e-tutor their kids in their own country. A Bangalore based, Tutor Vista is one such organisation offering e-tutoring.

2)Blogging: This is the best way to express yourself online and to get paid for it. Once you have found a niche and readers, you can place advertisements and start earning.

3)Starting an online journal: Websites like Indiegogo offer crowd-funding options where you are funded by other people in return of certain benefits to them that are usually in the form of advertisement spaces.

4)Affiliate marketing: This is also performance based like all of the above. You earn only when the visitor clicks the affiliate link on your site. This basically comes under the domain of mainstream e-commerce. This is also of two types; cost per click where the affiliate receives commission and ‘cost-per-click’ where the affiliate receives commission only when the visitor clicks the affiliate link and makes a purchase through your site. But as an affiliate marketer, you will have to create good quality content on your website to remain in Google’s good books.

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