Walk the talk held on disaster management in Ranchi

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With initiative of Colonel Dr. Rajesh Singh, Indian Army , an awareness programme on disaster management was held today at Multi Purpose Hall of Delhi Public School, Ranchi.

The initiative is a part of the group called :Karmanye” which manages disasters at the national level. The solemn aim of the group is to discharge the knowledge to the young potentials so that the larger society can be senitised through school children.

Dr. S.K.Sinha said that disaster management is the creation of plans through which communities reduce vulnerabilities to hazards and cope with disasters.

With that aim in mind, the group is visiting various schools in Ranchi and around to propagate and make the children Disaster Management Planners, Resilient and prepare them to deal with disaster in future.

Dr. Ram Singh,Principal DPS Ranchi,said that he was really honoured to have such eminent personalities amidst ourselves and educating them how to deal with disaster and grow up to be strong and confident citizens of India.

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