Vodka turns old man blind,whisky restores his vision

Vodka turns old man blind
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Believe it or not,he took vodka and turned blind.But when whisky was dripped into his stomach through a tube,65 year old Denis Duthie got back his vision,reports ANI from London.

The ANI report based on two dailies-Daily Mail and New Zealand-said that Duthie took a few drinks of vodka to celebrate his parents 50th marriage anniversary.Soon,he was into the bedroom of his house where he found that he could not see any thing.

Even in the next morning,when he could not regain his vision,Duthie went to Taranaki hospital Base hospital where he learnt that his vodka had reacted with his diabetes medication.Doctors asked him to undergo a surgery.

Vodka turns old man blind

The ANI report said “as surgery got underway,the doctors thought Duthie could have formaldehyde poisoning,which can be treated by administering ethanol-a strong type of alcohol found in drinks like whisky.

Howver,the hospital did not have enough medical ethanol.So a registrar was sent to a store to buy a bottle of Johnie Walker Black Lebel whisky.The whisky was then dripped into his stomach through a tube.”

Vodka turns old man blind

Five days later,Duthie reportedly got up with his vision back..

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