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Councillor Poornima Narayan steals the show at event

Film-maker Rajeev Ravi was missing from a function organised by the Kochi Corporation in the council hall on Saturday to felicitate the State film award winners from the city.

But his sister-in-law and councillor Poornima Narayan more than made up for his absence with her charming speech. Vinayakan and Rajisha Vijayan, who won the State award for the best male and female actors, were present.

Recollecting her bonding with the ace film-maker from his teenage days, Ms. Narayan, who is also the Education Standing Committee chairperson, shared her memories of a stubborn kid who was influenced by the ‘images and rhythms’ of Kochi city from a very young age. “Kammattipadam movie is the result of that influence in his mind over the past 25 years. As his sister I want to thank Vinayakan for infusing life into Ganga (a character in the movie) in such a brilliant way,” she said amidst wide applause by councillors. She was also profuse in her praise for Ms. Vijayan who she said pulled off her character in such an endearing and playful manner without the airs of a leading lady.

But Ms. Narayan, who had already impressed the audience with her words, had another surprise for them when she burst into rendering that soulful song, ‘Akkaanum mamalayonnum nammudathallen makane’, from Kammattipadam composed by Vinayakan. It was lapped up by the councillors as they applauded and thumped the desk to provide the perfect backdrop. Vinayakan might have been impressed but, true to his self, didn’t let it be known.

Earlier, while responding to the felicitation, Ms. Vijayan requested people not to judge people by the colour of their skin. This was after a few councillors spoke of Vinayakan not conforming to the conventional sense of beauty.

“To me Vinayakan chettan is one of the most handsome men I have ever met. Beauty is in the way a man carries himself and in his personality,” she said. Ms. Vijayan also won applause when she said that she would never be part of any advertisement for a fairness cream or hair oil furthering the stereotypes being pushed by the 400-million dollar cosmetics industry.

Vinayakan, as always, was measured in his words and showed his unpretentious ways when he apologised to the Mayor for not asking her to take a seat when she visited his home to invite him for the felicitation ceremony. “It’s a lot tougher to win the State award than the national award and my people recognised the truth in my performance. You people sitting in front of me are actually a microcosm of my land. Thanks a lot,” he signed off.

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