Uttrakhand welcomes Jharkhand’s help

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Uttrakhand government today welcomed its counterpart of Jharkhand for sending a chopper with a seven member team to carry out rescue operations in the hill state.

Following demands raised by many politicians including ex CM Arjun Munda and Deputy CM Hemant Soren Governor Syed Ahmed held a meeting,donated Rs five crore and despatched a helicopter carrying a seven-member team  for Uttrakhand on Friday.

Today,a number of organisations began collecting donations for the victims of disaster in Uttrakhand.

Incidentally,the helicopter is supposed to cooperate with the Uttarakhand Government in ongoing recuse operations while the team will try to trace missing persons and help them.

A statement issued by the Raj Bhawan said, all seven members of the Jharkhand rescue team can be contacted by people who are trapped and needed help.

These seven persons and their cell phone numbers were as follows;

Sajal Chakraborty 096610190399, 09693716166
Captian SP Sinha 09431114196
Captain VK Singh 09968303344
Captain Bens 08294995187
Nagendra Singh 09934351870
Amit Raghwanshi 09450234346
Captain Solanki 09899498833

राज्यपाल श्री सैयद अहमद ने अपने एक माह का वेतन उत्तराखंड के केदारनाथ धाम में हुए प्राÑतिक आपदा के पीडि़तों के सहायतार्थ देने की घोषणा की है।
इस सम्बंध में मुख्य सचिव श्री आर0एस0षर्मा ने बताया कि राज्यपाल ने राज्य के सभी कर्मियों से अपील किया है कि वे सभी कम से कम एक दिन का वेतन पीडि़तों के सहायतार्थ राहत कोष को दें।

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