Use fish waste to reap a rich crop of vegetables


Jharkhand FishFish for plants and plants for fish?

Sounds strange,but James Godsil,an American,who travelled to various fish growing areas in India,has been using the concept of aquaponics to grow vegetables and breed fish in an abandoned industrial building American based in Milwaukee,Wisconsin,USA.

In fact,acquaponics means combining aqua culture(fish cultivation)and hydroponics(water based planting).Fish waste is considered high nutrients not only for humans,but also for plants.

This traditional wisdom known to tribal fishermen across the country,was used by Godsil to promote aquaponics in the USA.

Owing to his success,Span,published by Public Affairs Section,American Centre,New Delhi,carried a story on him,saying that Godsil visited India and travelled to Orissa,bordering Jharkhand,Andhra Pradesh,Maharashtra,West Bengal and New Delhi last year and through his interactions with farmers and learnt the basics of acquaponics.

When Span asked him about the scope of acquaponics in India,Godsil is quoted having said this:”In my opinion,India has the resources to explore this new technology in a very accelerated fashion because the Indian farmers are already very much involved in organic natural farming.”

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