Under Tribal Sub Plan,construction works in full swing

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Under Tribal Sub Plan,construction worksUnder the Tribal Sub Plan,construction of 13 ponds in six villages have been undertaken.In addition,the construction of Udyamita Bhavan has been started in five villages and the work at the lintel level is complete.

Funded by Jharkhand Tribal Development Society,the project is being implemented Social and Healthy Action for Empowerment(SHARE),an NGO,in tribal dominated areas of East Singhbhum and West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand.

A press release issued by SHARE’s Director Vinay Ranjan Saraswati claims that in one village, work has been done upto dpcc level.

“It is expected that remaining construction work will resume after the release of advance to the GSPECs. We will start construction of platform and toilet as soon as we receive 2nd installment for the construction work. The SOEs for each work has been submitted”,says Saraswati.

“As we know once these works are completed in six tribal dominated villages, namely,Mangru,Bhagabera, Chirugora, Kasiyabera, Paharpur and Ledokocha. About 13 ponds, are proposed to boost agriculture in the tribal villages by ensuring availability of water for agriculture and fishery as well.

The scheme also proposes to construct one Udyamita Bhavan(entrepreneur building) and a drying platform in the heart of each village where rural women can start their income generation activities. Communities are involved in all the relevant steps of this project under TSP, such as planning, implementation, evaluation and improvement/adaptation”,adds Sarswati.

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