UIDAI’s Aadhar on way to save billions on LPG subsidy


Indian Oil Corporation(IOC),Bharat Petroleum(BP) and Hindustan Petroleum(HP)-had put on hold issuing new subsidised cooking gas(LPG)connections to eliminate consumers having multiple connections at the same address.This was in September.

Now,when IOC,BP and HP-three PSUs-had started releasing fresh connections,these consumers with multiple connections were on the edge in Jharkhand,thanks to the UPA’s flagship scheme-Aadhar.

In the past,many connections were issued without considerations of the consumers’ bonafides.The fact sheets after fact sheets showed that most consumers had managed to gain multiple connections by faking their identity with forged papers,often using their money,influence,power and contacts.

Moreover,many LPG cylinders were supplied and sold by dealers appointed by these gas companies and the state food and civil supply department gave them go ahead,evenas Union Ministries of Civil Supply and Petroleum were mute spectators to this racket-an open secret –clandestine- siphoning of millions of rupees worth subsidies in the form of LPG cylinders.

Today,the scene is different.

These companies prescribed a rule that a prospective costomer,who has registered for new LPG connection till October 15 with gas distributor of any of these PSUs and who do not possess LPG connection,can avail of a subsidised new LPG connection.

And the state government led by chief minister Arjun Munda has adopted a resolve to allow their customer to avail of the subsidized LPG connection provided he or she has the Aadhar,a 12 digit Identification number issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

”We have made Aadhar as mandatory for gaining LPG gas connection ,said Jharkhand’s Principal Secretary(Personnel)in charge of the Department of Information Technology.Essentially,this means two things.

*One,hundreds of consumers are bound to lose their multiple connections.

*Two,with the Prime Minister Dr Manmohn Singh’s constituted “National Committee”,led by UIDAI chairperson and architect of the Aadhar,Nandan Nilekeni, and its fine executioner Director General Ram Sevak Sharma who had worked hard to ensure direct cash transfers of LPG subsidy,these oil companies are bound to contain corruption,marking the beginning of an end to the fake identity related scandals,thereby saving billons of rupees of public fund.

Long live India!Long live Jharkhand!

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