Two month old baby dies after vaccination


Death of a baby is no strange in Jharkhand where every 1000 live births, about 71 die before they reach their first birthday.

But in instant case,one two month old baby boy had died at Hettoli village under Bharna block in Gumla after he was administered three injections for immunization,according to the FIR filed by Hursh Oraon.

Oraon,an Adivasi,has allaged that his son was born on September 9.At the time of his birth,his weight was 1 kg 100 grams.On October 8,a camp was organized by the state government run Anganbadi Kendra at the village for giving injections for immunization.

“Like others,my wife went to Kendra with my son.Two nurses of the Kendra-administered three injections.While Sumati Kumari gave him two injections,one each for DPT-1and Hepetitis-B1,Inkubal Kerketta gave him BCG and other medicines for polio.

“Twelve hours later,my son gained high fever.In the night he died”,alleged Oraon in his FIR.Although the post mortem report was still awaited,the police had booked these two nurses-Sumati and Inkubal.

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