Tribals protest against acquisition of land by Indian Army

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Kuldeep Kumar A Man of India ArmyBinod Kumar

If tribal Jharkhand has obstructed any body for land the most,it is of the several bodies of the country.Who remembers LN Mittal,Navin Jindal and Ratan Tata,who signed MoUs with the state government envisaging to set up mega steel plants in the state in early 2000’s?

The resistence by the tribals blocked them as these companies are yet to find land to set up their plants.The latest to face their protest is the Indian Army.

Today,the Army personnel are a dejected lot.”We don’t know what to do.The land is ours.But the people are not ready to part with it”,cribbed a senior Army officer.

Their story dates back to 1944 when the British government had acquired 1200 acres of land for setting up the Army establishment and the airport.Soon the air port was set up.But after the World War II ended and India gained Independence,the Army could not set set up its establishment.Result?

The land remained in possession of its owners who continued to till it.Many of them paid revenue tax and kept records of their ownership.So on Monday when the Army personnel arrived and put up flags to take possession of the land,the tribals went up in arms.They compelled them to take off their flag and get out of the land.

Now,when the Army is trying to tab the state government,tribals who are not ready to part with an inch of their land,have threatened to hit the street.”In case,the Army put pressure and used force,we will not sit idle.We will die but not give our land”,is the resolve of their leader Prakash Toppo.

The state government which had failed to help private companies find land for their plants appears helpless.

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