Trauma leaves its impact on the brain of a child


Childhood TraumaEvery child has his/her background.But researchers have gathered evidences to suggest that ‘violent adults often have a history of childhood psychological trauma.’

In an article in Science daily under title- Childhood Trauma Leaves Its Mark On the Brain-it is said that ‘some individuals exhibit very real, physical alterations in a part of the brain called the orbitofrontal cortex. Yet a direct link between such early trauma and neurological changes has been difficult to find, until now.’

This article is based on a seminal research carried by EPFL Professor Carmen Sandi and team.The research findings were published in the January 15 edition of Translational Psychiatry.
Sandi and team has brought into light for the first time a correlation between psychological trauma in pre-adolescent rats and neurological changes similar to those found in violent humans.

The Science daily article quotes Sandi,Head of EPFL’s Laboratory of Behavioral Genetics, Director of the Brain Mind Institute saying:”This research shows that people exposed to trauma in childhood don’t only suffer psychologically, but their brain also gets altered.”
“This adds an additional dimension to the consequences of abuse, and obviously has scientific, therapeutic and social implications.”

“The researchers were able to unravel the biological foundations of violence using a cohort of male rats exposed to psychologically stressful situations when young. After observing that these experiences led to aggressive behavior when the rats reached adulthood, they examined what was happening in the animals’ brains to see if the traumatic period had left a lasting mark”,says the Science Daily article.

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