Tourist centres,hotels,complexes to get private owners in Jharkhand


The state government has decided to develop infrastructure for tourists in Jharkhand. Toward the same end,the tourism department has to run its hotels,information centres and complexes on the PPP mode.

A tender was published seeking request for proposal.To run these hotels,centres and complexes,the department had decided to lease them out to companies for a period varying between 10 to 30 years so that they can maintain,upgrade and run them.

Right now,the hotels,centres and complexes that were to be leased out were either dead,non- functional or have become ghost houses.Most of them were located in prime locations.

They include:Hotel Sakchi Vihar,Jamshedpur,Hotel Vibhuti Vihar,Ghatshila,near Jamshedpur,tourist information centre and complex at Madhuvan,Giridih,tourist information centres,Hazaribagh and Jamshedpur,Tourist complex,Palamau,Jungle Hut at Betla,Palamau and Way- Side Amenties,Kandra,near Jamshedpur.

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