Three French Bikers on world tour from Ranchi

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Three-French-Bikers (3)Three French National arrived to start their world tour on bicycles from Ranchi on March 16.The bikers Gregoire Catry,Thibaut Lepoutre and Mr Gregoire Lfbvre were very excited about this journey on bikes.

Their stay at Ranchi was arranged by Lions club of Ranchi East. They tasted Indian cuisine at the residence of a local Lions club member Ln Dr Suranjan Sarkar,

They liked fish curry and Chicken butter masala very much. They stayed for two nights in Ranchi and their tour was flagged off today on March 18,2015 from Albert Ekka Chowk by a senior lion member Ln Arun Khemka.Other members who were present on this occaision were Ln Dr Suranjan Sarkar, Ln Diwakar Rajgharia, Ln Rajiw lochan, Ln Anupama lochan, Ln Ratan Agrawal, Ln Rajesh Gupta Pawan.

When asked why they choose Ranchi to start their journey,they observed that a core member of Lions Club Social media expert Ln Dr Suranjan Sarkar is located in Ranchi,so if they start their journey from Ranchi they will get maximium attention of Lions club International – fro where their world tour is being partly funded.

Their purpose of this journey includes a project called globaldrawing2015. This projects aims to unite children of our world. They have brought many hand drawn paintings by children from France. They shall gift these paintings to children in India and take the drawings of India and subsequently gift them to children of Myanmar. and so on. On first leg of their journey they will go to Jamui in Bihar, to see a Lions Club’s Children Center there.

Their fundings mostly come from a French NGO namely Enfants du Mekong for their project- un enfant par la main or “Sponsor a child”. From Jamui they shall go to Kolkata by train and from kolkata they will go to Rangoon (Myanmar).

They will also travel to Vietnam, Cambodia, Brazil, Egypt, Australia and many other countries.They shall utilise Lions Clubs network located worldwide for their nightstay and also for food. They said they do not have enough budget for stay in Hotels.They will stay on roadside if it is necessary.After flag off at 7 am the team have now reached Hazaribag.

By Lion Dr Suranjan Sarkar, Social Media Manager

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