’The Teen’ is about love,love and love


The Teen

The Teen –the novel-authored by 17-year old student Gyandeep Kaushal focuses on a subject dear to all-love.

In this novel,however,love is not between a man and a woman.Neither it is about mother and son.Instead,it is all about love between school-children,developing into young love in a tender form of intimacy and youthful love only to mature into man-woman-love.

Such expressions of emotions are a sign of the contemporary times and present an existential predicament.Its gifted author,so young,seems inspired by his childhood love and constructed in first person dialogues.

The book moves in tracing the relationships in the middle parts.Subsequently in other chapters a new tone begins to develop displaying a certain psychiatric tendency and fearful predicaments in the form of suicidal tendencies and high melodrama.These are really frightening in ones so young, and thereby raise a cause of common concern.

Although the book is presented as a genuine fiction,its ‘The Last Chapters’ seems contrived and extra-fictional,and tends to spoil the mood and trust of the reader who felt encouraged by the warm heartfelt narrations of the earlier part of the novel.

The real ending seems to have been severed and it comes as a surprise.The work must therefore be judged upon its earlier chapters and the young author must be complimented.More so because the story of tender-love-young –love-mature –love has a happy ending.

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