Thanks to a brave man two leopard cubs escape from 22-ft pit

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Faced with a Big Cat,you may prefer to fly.But a villager from Ghodbunder near Mumbai who found two leopards stuck in a 22-foot deep pit,confronted them and rescued them.

Ranjeet Jadhav in his byline report- ‘Brave villager rescues leopard cubs from 22-ft pit’-in Mid Day today,said “The incident occurred on Tuesday around 9.30 am, when a few workers were preparing a cricket pitch at Adivasi Pada near Ghodbunder Fort.”

“While working, the labourers heard cries of the wild cats and soon realised they were emerging from a 22-foot deep pit that was near the cricket pitch.

Within minutes, the news of the cubs being stuck in the pit spread like wildfire and around 400 villagers gathered around the spot. One of the villagers even called up the control room at Sanjay Gandhi National Park for assistance.

In the meantime, a few villagers began provoking the cubs and realising that this could spell trouble, Chandrakant, one of the villagers quickly drew up a plan to rescue the trapped cubs”,same report said.

The report said that with the help of three other villagers, he lowered a ladder down the pit to allow the cubs to climb out.

“We have been staying in the area for many years and leopard sightings are common. We have seen the animal quite often at night, but it has never attacked any of us. When I came here today, I saw that a few people in the crowd were trying to provoke the cubs. In an attempt to avoid a man-animal conflict, I decided to lower a ladder into the concrete pit. Soon after the ladder was lowered, both the animals climbed out and vanished into the nearby bushes,” said the same report quoting Chandrakant.

The valorous work of Chandrakant was acknowledged by SGNP’s Dr Sanjeev Pinjarkar.

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