Temple where rats are called ‘children’

Pic showing Karni Mata, the temple of rats:courtesy odditycentral.com

Monkeys in temples are a common sight.But rats moving around the scared shrine inside Karni Mata temple in Rajasthan caught the attention of Joanna Sugden.

Sugden photographed the rodents and her story was published by the Wall Street Journal.In her story-“Hindu Temple Ruled by Rats”,she wrote that rats were worshiped in this Deshnoke,located near India’s border with Pakistan.

In many parts of Jharkhand and Bihar,many people catch rats and relish their meat.But in Deshnoke temple of Karni temple,rats were treated with care.

“You call them rats, we call them children,” says Sugden’s story quoting Giriraj Singh Bharath, the chairman of the Hindu temple in Deshnoke.Her story adds:

“There are an estimated 25,000 rats living in the temple, balancing on the fretwork of its cast-iron gates, tumbling down the staircases and popping out of every crack in its marble walls.Mr. Singh Bharath explains that the animals scampering in the hall outside his office are individually referred to as kaba, meaning child in Rajasthani”,.

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