IIT Bombay's Techfest(2013-14) begins


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The sixteenth edition of the IIT Bombay’s Science and Technology festival-TECHFEST,2013- got off to a glittering start this morning with the opening of stalls and exhibitions on its sprawling campus.

The stalls and exhibitions showed vintage cars,coins from across the world,silk paintings and so on. A robot on “Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network” (SOINN) was displayed by the stall put up by Hasegawa Lab owned by Osamu Hasegawa.

The three-day is full of events-each meant to club technology with fun and extend the classroom lessons to their practical applications.Many colleges from different parts of the country,besides a couple of international universities are participating in this mega event.

As per the schedule,competitions under the title such as :‘International Robotics Challenge’ (IRC) which sets challenges for the participating robots; ‘Robowars’ wherein, the robots fight to destroy each other; ‘Full Trottle’ where small cars race at jet speed;’Crossing hurdles’ to reach the chequered line;‘Dexterous Transcend’;‘Interceptor- Fog of wars’ ;‘Solar Express’;‘Tech Olympics- Pirate wars’, ‘Powerless’ are going to unfold.

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