Teachers trained to conduct DigiClass

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Photo Pearson Training ClassA three-days training programme was organized by the trainers of Pearson India Education Services Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, at Sarala Birla Public School.

Held between June 13 and June 15 when it concluded with an aim to make the teachers aware with the modern and interactive method of teaching technology.

Also,the training was organized to acquaint the teachers with the Digi classes solutions to make the teaching more elementary and effective.

Various pictures and audio related to all the subjects taught are already present in the digi classes so that the chapters could be explained visually which would enable the pupil to save time and grasp the things taught easily.

The school has introduced the digi classes as it has all the interactive modules like videos and presentations to make the teaching more appealing to the pupils.

Teachers were trained to use smart boards in their Classroom to stay ahead with technology by exploring lessons and collaborating on solutions, a simple and easy experience.

After the training the teachers underwent a practice session so that the theory can be practically implemented and hence can be imparted easily to the students. Educators could use this technology to engage learners in the lesson and to check the progression of knowledge in their specific subjects.

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