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Tamil Nadu Plus 2 results in five charts

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All you need to know about Tamil Nadu Plus 2 results

In 2017, 8.9 lakh Tamil Nadu students appeared for their Class XII examinations through schools. Some 4.1 lakh were boys and 4.8 were girls. Nearly 8.22 lakh students passed, making the overall pass percentage 92.1, the highest in the last four years.

As usual the pass percentage was more among girls — 94.5 — compared to boys, 89.3. The lone transgender student passed.

High-scoring girls

About 31.5% or 2.8 lakh, of those who passed the exam scored less than 700 marks, ando nly 0.13% had a total above 1180.
As expected, girls tended to dominate in the high-score ranges. Out of the 1,171 students scoring more than 1,180 marks, 330 were boys and 841 were girls.

Stepping stones

This year, zoology followed by political science saw the most number of failure percentages, while homescience and nutrition & dietetics had the least.

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