Super-Fast Spanish train to undergo test run from Delhi to Mumbai

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Representational Picture of Super- Fast Talgo Train
Representational Picture of Super- Fast Talgo Train

Come Saturday,a new chapter is set to be added in history of the Indian Railways.

On this day,the final trial is scheduled to be conducted to test whether the Spanish company Talgo made train can reduce the time of journey between Delhi and Mumbai by four hours.

If this happens,this Talgo train will make passengers reach Mumbai from Delhi in 12 hours and not 16 hours as is the case now.

This Talgo train bought by the Indian Railway in April this year carries nine super light-weight coaches manufactured.It can move at speed of 200 km per hour.
When its test starts on Saturday,this Spanish train will depart Delhi at 2:45 pm and is scheduled to reach Mumbai in 11 hours and 45 minutes, while running at 150 km per hour,said a report.

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