Students from Morroco,Russia,England and China land in Jharkhand to do internships


Students from Morroco,Russia,England and China,Jharkhand to do internships When four foreigners -one boy Zhou Xian Xing and three girls- Marah Adnani,Ksenia Bykova and Cindy li-arrived inside his official residence in Ranchi today,they were greeted by chief minister Arjun Munda.

These foreigners,in the age group of 21-22 years, were students.While Adnani is fifth year student of National School of Bussiness,Audit and Control Management ,Morroco and Bykova is a fourth year student of Economics at Onsk University,Cindi Li did third year of Bussiness Management at University of Warwick,England.Xing is the fourth year student of Hanzhou Dianzi University,China.

They are part of a team selected by AIESEC,world’s largest youth run organization.This international body with offices in 110 countries and 60,000 members across the globe,offers students with opportunity to participate in international internships,experience leadership and participate in a global learning environment.

In Jharkhand,AIESEC is working under the aegis of Adibasi Welfare Society,Ghorabandha,Jamshedpur.This society constantly striving to provide employment opportunities and livelihood to the unorganized labourers and marginal farmers,was a brainchild of Munda.

Though Munda was not available for comment,Society’s documents in possession of the jharkhandstatenews said:”Despite growing investment in education,25 percent of Indian population remains illiterate;only 15 percent of Indian students reach high school and out of them,only seven percent become graduates.”

Aware of the bleak scenario,Xing,Adani,Bykova and Cindy Li,who were doing interships,had visited the showroom of the jharcraft,a state government run emporium and visited several public schools in East Singhbhum district.After doing a careful study on them,they had underlined priorities for these schools.

”These schools need library,computer room,additional tables and benches and building with toilets.The students need to be provided with books and furniture,bicycles and lunch”,said these international students in a report.

Asked what similarity you find between villages of India and China,Xing said:”Poverty.”But he was quick to add that poverty of the people in India was visible on their faces.”This was not so in China though in western and northern China poverty was still a bane.”

Adani,Bykova and Cindy Li said in common that unemployment was a major cause of concern for their respective countries.All of them however lauded India for its rich and varied tradition and said they were enjoying their trip to Jharkhand.”Tribal people and the issues connected with their education and livelihood were our subject of inquiry”,said Adnani as Bykova and Cindy Li nodded their head in agreement.

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