State women Commission set Up Two Day

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2 days commissionary level programme was held at Hazaribag ,V.B.U ,Aryabhatta Hall under the aegis of Jharkhand state commission for women. On this occasion, The Chairperson, Jharkhand State Women Commission, Mrs. Kalyani Sharan inaugurated the seminar by lightening lamp and bestowed her gratitude by garlanding the portrait of saint Vinoba Bhave . during the seminar period social workers,who involves in social upliftment, were facilated by Commission.
On this occasion she said that in today’s scenario the condition of women is very disheartning and facing the rages and regrets due to social stratification. Moreover, she said that seminar should be conducted at regular interval with a view to eradicate social evils, and create awareness among the marginal people. She said that femals are the foundation of our society and plays a vital role in making national building.
On this occasion Vice Chancelor of Vinoba Bhave University Mr. Ramesh Sharan emphasized on conscienceness. Conscienceness is the main root where the human conducts regulates our activity so everyone should ignite ones conscienceness.
Moreover he added adaptility attitude towards women should be flexible.
Pro Vice Chancelor Mrs. Dr. Kunul Kandir said that womens law should be stringent in order to minimize the womens related crime.
Beside this, Vinoba Bhave University Registrar, Mr. Banshidhar Rukhyar said that gender discrimination should be curbed in order to women can enjoy fruits of life.
Mrs. Sandhya Rani, Hindi H.O.D. V.B.U. said that every one has the right to equality. Male and female should have equal rights where in civilized society may run smoothly.
At end Mr. Jaydeep Sanyal ,Principal U.L.C., V.B.U, took part in implementing seminar.
On this occasion U.L.C. faculties viz. Mrs. Rashmi Pradhan,Mrs. Lakshami singh, Mr. Chitranjan Kispotta, Mrs. Urmila and U.L.C students Saurav Kunal, ,anjan Kumar, Ajay, Sweety, Reshabh, Sashank, Dinesh , Shilpy, Mansi Praween etc.

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