State Strategic Statistical Plan


State Strategic Statistical Plan, Jharkhand Jharkhand one of the beautiful States of India was created as 28th State of India by the Bihar reorganization act on 15th November 2000 the birth anniversary of Bhagwan Birsa Munda. It comprises of the forest of Chhotanagpur Plateau & Santhal Paragana & is bounded by Bihar on the North Orissa on the South, Chhattisgarh on the west & west Bengal on the East. The State covers 79.70 lakh hq. area (2.42% of the geographical area of the country) with a population of 32.9 million consists of 16.9 million males & 16.0 million female.

          Jharkhand inherited its statistical system from the parent state of Bihar. Presently the statistical system of the state enjoys the highest level of patronage with chief minister as the minister of Planning & Development Department, Government of Jharkhand, Ranchi. The State govt. has recognized that in policy formulation, Development, Planning & Monitoring the reliable statistics is required & decided to reform the statistical system by taking advantage of the opportunity provided under the India Statistical Strengthening Project (ISSP).

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      jharkhand Gov    The State Strategic Statistical Plan has been prepared to modernize the statistical system so as to generate reliable statistics on various socio economic aspects of the state within a definite time frame. The vision of the State Government is to equip the statistical system for the generation of adequate and reliable statistics on Socio economic & Environmental conditions of the State, District & Panchayats regularly in time & dissemination of the same on the universal basis to enable objective- decision making research & promote debate on all aspects affecting the life of people. Official statistics covers wide subjects like agriculture, industry health, education, construction, housing prices etc. Statistical activities in each of the subject areas require specialized knowledge of the subject & the statistical tools. It is also important that statistical personnel should be able to take advantage of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for which they would require intensive training. Thus training & retraining of statistical staff at periodical intervals is an absolute necessity as a strategy for the improvement of statistical system.

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