Starved of cash,Britain out to sale its “Crown Jewels”


Crown Jewels

Down under the recession,Britian is under pressure to mop up revenue and cut cost on its government’s establishment.

As a result,Britain’s Metropolitan Police have announced its plan to sell the current headquarters of its biggest police force at New Scotland yard.

The move is part of Britain’s sweeping budget cuts of more than 500 million Pounds,said reports.The British police headquarter at New Scotland was a leading landmark of London,home of the world’s most capable force since almost 50 years.

Reports said the British police may save upto 6.5 million Pounds a year by moving to a smaller building some where in London.” The radical fire-sale plans are part of drastic budget cuts that will also involve axing dozens of police stations and buildings across the capital”,said reports by Agencies.

Crown Jewels


These reports quoting John Tully,Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation,point out that “the sale of New Scotland Yard was like losing the Crown Jewels…It’s very regrettable that it’s come to this.”

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