Staff trained to use Tablet for execution of MNREGA schemes in Jharkhand

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DSC02923The MNREGA unit of the Rural Development Department in Jharkhand has chalked out a plan to end delay in issuing payment to the workers.

Toward the same end,training was provided to the staff of 11 districts to use and run Tablets.”Through the Tablet,the details of the demand of work,allotment of work,issuance of order for work,recording attendance of workers,entering the record of work,worker’s Aadhaar number inclusion and preparation of plan in execution of MNREGA can be regsisterd “,said a report prepared by the Rural Department.

The most notable thing is all these works can be done off line through Tablet and uploaded after gaining internet connectivity.This means that going to the Block office to do these works was no longer required.

“At the state level trained trainers will go to the districts and train the staff at Panchayat level”,claimed a report adding that in this state the Internet connectivity was not available in most Panchayats.

However,now with the trained staff with Tablet,the computerised work related with MNREGA can be carried at all blocks were Internet connectivity was available.In the first phase,3032 Panchayat staff were already given Tablets.

Today the training was provided under the supervision of MIS’s Nodal Officer Pankaj Kumar Rana,Rashmi Singh and Computer Programmer Shila Mehta.

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