‘Special Gram Sabha’ held on issues of nutrition

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Special Gram Sabha
Pic by Ratan Lal

The State Institute of Rural Development today witnessed a meeting of villagers with a difference.

Organised jointly by a group of state government’s Panchayati Raj,Rural Development,Social Welfare Department(SWD) and Unicef,the meeting was called “Special Gram Sabha”.

Those who took part in it vowed to take forward their schemes related to nutrition to end malnutrition in Jharkhand.

Incidentally,these bodies had launched the state wide campaign ‘nutrition week’ on September 1.During the Special Gram Sabha,Unicef personnel including its state unit chief Job Zachariah and its Programme Officer -Child Development & Nutrition Deepika Mehrish Sharma told the villagers the importance of nutrition in their life,especially women and children.

They exhorted villagers to ensure that they take nutritious food.

Incidentally,the Nutrition Week campaign is part of SWD and Unicef’s ambitious programme- Jeevan Asha.It aims to focus on the curative and preventive aspects of malnutrition.

During the Nutrition Week, mothers are being mobilized to breast feed their child and consume iron and vitamin-rich nutritious food based on local recipes after hand washing at critical times.SWD Principal Secretary Mridula Sinha was actively supervising the programme.

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