Smuggling of precious stones from Giridih,Koderma in Jharkhand to Japan via Jaipur is on


Smuggling of precious stones from Giridih,Koderma in Jharkhand,Jharkhand to Japan,Japan via Jaipur

A multi crore racket involving illegal mining and sale of stones continued as the law enforcing agencies looked the other way.Among those involved in this clandestine business are traders, state mines personnel and the police.

Their modus operndi is simple.After costly garnet,moon and taramulin stones are mined in remote forest areas in Koderma,Hazaribagh and Giridih district,the consignment is despatched by couriers to the businessmen in Jaipur.

At Jaipur,merchants and jewelers purchase them.Subsequently,after polishing and cutting these precious stones in different shapes and sizes,they were sold in domestic and international markets.Japan is a huge market for these stones.

Enquiry revealed that one of these stones is called “Blue Diamond” in Japan where people use it to pay tribute to their ancesstors.They do so by leaving the precious stone in middle of the ocean. This is a popular custom in Japan.[nggallery id=26]

The stone merchants use this custom to perpetrate their clandestine business from these districts of Jharkhand.The trafficking has been going on since past more than eight decades solely due to the suspected connivance of the police and the state mines and the forest personnel.

The smugglers were successful in their business mainly because there was no coordinaton between the personnel of these departments.When asked Koderma SP Shambhu Thakur about this crime he said that the police took action after the mines department requisitioned the forces.”We act whenever there was a complaint lodged by these department”,said Thakur.

“If the state government makes it legal and helps in making a guideline to regulate the mining and supply of these precious stones,it will not only give employment to the people but it may fetch huge sums in the form of revenue to it”,said a senior officer on condition of anonymity.

Identical opinion was aired by a group of villagers who were in the know of this crime.”Earlier the state government wakes up,the better would be for the state”,said Ramakant Singh,a villager.

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