Single Window can boost investment in power sector in Jharkhand

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A hand book published by Independent Power Producers Association of India(IPPAI) has suggested that though delays in obtaining clearances for land,coal,water and environment were major bottlenecks in attracting fresh investments in the power sector in Jharkhand,they can be overcome by introducing reforms.

“Single window clearance by high powered committee comprising centre,state and district level government agencies”is a way out,states the 25 page handbook-Powering Jharkhand-circulated by the IPPAI-a body of private players set up in 1994.

Jharkhand,a minerally rich state having 32 percent of the coal reserves of India,1,70,000 tonnes of Uranium reserves,abundance of water in its rivers and Coal Bed Methane resource of 174.93 billion cubic metre,has potential to set up hydro,thermal and nuclear power projects.

In next two decades ”Jharkhand can add 50,000 or more or power and can be a major source of power for the country”,says the handbook.

To make the single window implementable the hand book emphasizes the need to make the implementing agencies-reprsentatives of central ministries(Coal,Environment and Forests,Water Resources and Power),state Departments(Energy,Land and Revenue,Forest and Environment,water)and Pollution Control Board)-accountable for it.

Since a number of power projects envisaged by the Tata,Arcellor Mittal and Jindal were hanging fire due to problems varying between non availability of land to environment clearance,the handbook has come up with six suggestions.

These include:develop a regional master plan for land use based on economic and social assessments,update and computerize land records and set up a Trust of land sellers from whom private parties such as project developers and land owners who can bid for equity stakes.

In response to these suggestions,while chief minister Arjun Munda has welcomed the suggestion.But no affirmative action was in sight in the corridors of power.

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