Shun politics of blackmail,Jai Ram Ramesh tells Hemant Soren

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The Union Rural Development Minister Jai Ram Ramesh,who is a sane voice within the Congress advised Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren to shun the politics of black mail.

In an interview to a leading Hindi Daily Prabhat Khabar,Ramesh said, “To get away from the politics of black mail is a challenge for him.Hemant Soren is young and experienced.He has already remained Dy CM.His views are noble and conduct is good.He has got a historic opportunity.Now it all depends on him as to how he makes use of this opportunity.” He added, “It is also a historic opportunity for the Congress.In the past thirteen years,it has come to power for the first time.Therefore,the need of the hour is to work cautiously.”

Ramesh made it clear that the Congress was supporting the Hemant Soren government. “ It is not providing patronage to it.The Independent and MLAs of smaller parties will work responsibly”,he said adding that they were not going to be made Ministers in the Hemant Soren government.

The twelve Council of Ministers in his Cabinet is supposed to be shared by the Congress,JMM and the RJD in the ratio of 5:5:2 with no representation from among seven Independents and MLAs belonging to smaller parties.

Soren is expected to expand his cabinet after he proves majority in the House on July 18.

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