Scribes welcome FIR lodged by Naveen Jindal against Editor of a TV group


 Naveen Jindal,TV group ,Congress MP Naveen Jindal

“If complaint lodged by Congress MP Naveen Jindal is based on fact,it is time to introspect and condemn all those men and women who have defamed the media for their own vested interests”,said Sudhir Singh,a journalist.

”There was a time when I was proud to call myself a journalist.Now,I feel sorry about it.The blackmailers have captured the media to perpetrate their own lllegal business”,said Narang Das,a scribe working for local Hindi Daily.

Their views are symptomatic of general opinion of cross sections of the people in Jharkhand.All of them were shocked to learn that Jindal Steel company was asked by Zee News and Zee Business to release Rs 100 crore worth of advertisements in lieu of dropping negative stories.

“Sudhir Chaudhary, editor of the group, told our team they will continue to defame us if we did not agree to pay Rs 20 crore per year worth advertisements,” Jindal, a Congress MP, said at a press conference.”The initial demand of Rs 20 crore then went up to Rs 100 crore,” said Jindal whose company lodged the FIR with police on Oct 2.

Jindal,who distributed a CD showing Choudhary making the demand,said that his company had during its 40 years of business never received a black mail threat and alleged that the same media group had shown some stories on their channels against his company.This led a team of his company started talking to the channels.”We decided not to succumb to the blackmail,” said Jindal.

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