Scientists develop dissolving condom for women

Representational pics

That old dictum -Prevention is better than cure-was behind some scientists who have come up with a female condom.

This condom carries two main features.One,this condom can protect against pregnancy.Two,it can protect the user woman from contacting sexually transmitted diseases by dissolving itself inside her body.

The condom was the handiwork of a group of researchers from the University of Washinghton.They’developed the condom from tiny microfibers through a method called “”electrospinning”,according to the Daily Mail.

The ANI report said:” The cloth-like fibres can be woven from medicine into extremely thin ”webs”.

“They are then designed to dissolve after use, either within minutes or over several days.
One of the fabrics dissolves within minutes, offering users immediate protection, while another fabric dissolves gradually over a few days, providing an alternative to the birth-control pill, to provide contraception and protect against HIV.”

Representational pics

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