Science sheds light on power of handshake


In the latest edition of Science Daily (Oct. 19, 2012),a neuroscience research has confirmed that a friendly handshake is a way to make a good first impression.

A paper published online and for the December print issue of the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience on a study of the neural correlates of a handshake gives insight into the importance of handshake in social interactions.

The report in the Science daily said that the study was led by Beckman Institute researcher Florin Dolcos and Department of Psychology postdoctoral research associate Sanda Dolcos.”They found, as they wrote, that ‘a handshake preceding social interaction enhanced the positive impact of approach and diminished the negative impact of avoidance behavior on the evaluation of social interaction,’”said the report.

“Their results, for the first time, give a scientific underpinning to long-held beliefs about the important role a handshake plays in social or business interactions. Sanda Dolcos said their findings have obvious implications for those who want to make a good impression.”

She is reported to have further said this:”I would tell them to be aware of the power of a handshake…We found that it not only increases the positive effect toward a favorable interaction, but it also diminishes the impact of a negative impression. Many of our social interactions may go wrong for a reason or another, and a simple handshake preceding them can give us a boost and attenuate the negative impact of possible misunderstandings.”

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