The undulating and verdant terrains of Sahibganj District of eastern Jharkhand are an amalgam of the Rajmal and Pakur subdivisions of the Santhal Parganas. Created in 1983 and covering an area of approximately 1,599 sq. km, Sahibganj (37.185 m above sea level) extends between 87°25′ East to 87°54′ East Longitude and 24°42′ North to 25°21′ North Latitude (Approximate). Located in the Gangetic plains Sahibganj is enclosed by the river Ganges, Katihar District, Godda, Maldah and Murshidabad and Bhagalpur districts.

With a net population size of 9,27,770 the majority of the inhabitants of Sahibganj are cultivators or rear livestock while some are involve in the stone, crusher and pottery industries.

Sahibganj District opens up a Pandora’s Box of natural beauty, antiquarian legacy, epigraphic monuments and illustrious heritage. The noteworthy tourist spots of Sahibganj include:

  • Rajmahal
  • Mangalhat
  • Kanhaiyasthan
  • Sahibganj
  • Teliagarhi
  • Shivgadi
  • Binduvasini Temple
  • Shukravasini Temple
  • Raksisthan
  • Bhoganadih and Panchkathiya
  • Udhwa Bird Sanctuary
  • Moti Jharna
  • Maghi Mela