Router failure led to Chopper crash:Report


Investigations by a five member committee reveals that the Dhruv Advance Light helicopter had crashed on October 19,2011 inside the Kolad forest along Ranchi-Khunti district,mainly due to the break down of functioning of its router.

The committee headed by GS Cheema and appointed by Director General of Civil Aviation,has handed over its report to the state police.The report based on findings of a study on debris of the Dhruv and its flight data recorder indicates that the Dhruv with its three crew-Pilot SP Singh,Co Pilot KV Thomas and Technician Manoj Kumar -took off from Ranchi.

As it was flying over 4400 feet above the sea level,the Dhruv crashed and exploded.All three crew members-Singh,Thomas and Kumar- died.The Naxalite outfit CPI(Maoist)’s dreaded Area Commander had claimed that it had shot down the chopper.

But the Cheema’s report claims that while the Dhruv was flying,it received dangerous signals from its tail gear box.This ought to have made the pilot Singh to slow down its speed and land immediately.Instead,he took a turn to return to Ranchi.

“Since he did not lower the speed and took a sharp turn,the chopper lost its balance.Under the pressure of the air,its blade failed and the chopper fell”,said a senior police officer talking about the conclusion of the report.

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