Robot ready to explore water ice on Moon


Robot ready to explore water ice on Moon

A solar powered robot, assembled by the US based Astrobotic Technology Inc., is designed to explore deposit of the water ice on the Moon.

In an article -Prototype of Lunar Water-Prospecting Robot to Search for Water Ice at Moon’s Northern Pole’,published by Science Daily on Tuesday,said that robot is named “Polaris”.

Assembled by Astrobotic Technology Inc,Polaris,a solar powered robot,has the capability to carry “a drill to bore one meter into the surface and can operate a lunar region charecterised by dark,long shadows and a sun that hugs the horizon.”

Polaris(picture above courtesy Science Daily and Astrobotic Technology Inc.) is “ 5 1/2 feet tall, 7 feet wide and almost 8 feet long, and can move at about a foot a second on 2-foot-diameter composite wheels.”

“This will enable Astrobotic team members to spend the coming months testing and improving the robot’s computer vision, navigation and planning software, and software that can plot the rover’s position on the moon within 10 feet. It includes a number of flight-worthy components, including wheels and chassis beams constructed of light, but tough composite materials”,states the Science Daily article.

The article quotes Astrobotic CEO William “Red” Whittaker,who is founder of the Field Robotics Center at CMU’s Robotics Institute as saying that “It is the first rover developed specifically for drilling lunar ice.”The article adds :”Other robots built by the Field Robotics Center have developed technologies necessary for lunar drilling, but none of those machines was ever meant to leave Earth.”

“What Polaris does is bring those many ideas together into a rover configuration that is capable of going to the moon to find ice,” Whittaker is quoted having said.

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