Red Cross staff donates blood,saves woman on Diwali

Red Cross, Blood Donation
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The Red Cross Society’s vice chairman Raj Kumar Upadhaya saved a life on the day of Diwali.

The incident took place in Dumka yesterday.While a woman called Sita Devi delivered a healthy baby,her uterus got damaged.

Reports said after she started bleeding profusely,alarm bell was sounded.The doctors who attended on her told her relatives that she urgently needed blood to survive.But there were no donors on the day of Diwali.

When Upadhaya came to know of it,he volunteered his own blood.Today,Devi and her baby were reported by the doctors as “perfectly normal.”

Now,the Red Cross has decided to organize blood donatiion camp on the 12th establishment day of Jharkhand on November 15.”We have decided to honour those donors who had donated their blood for the second time durng the past one year”,said Dumka’s Red Cross Society’s chairman Ajay Kumar Jha.

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