Ranchi-Bokaro-Dhanbad greenfield Expressway plan not easy to execute


The decision of the state government to build the Expressway between Ranchi-Bokaro-Dhanbad has evoked a mix response from among the people in Jharkhand.

The decision to this effect was taken in a meeting of the state Cabinet presided by chief minister Arjun Munda on Saturday.

As of now,the distance between Ranchi and Dhanbad via Bokaro is 169 km.Due to the heavy traffic on this double lane road,it takes almost four hours to cover it.After the state’s first greenfield Expressway is built,the distance will be reduced to nearly 100 kms,easing traffic and facilitating commuters to complete journey within two hours.

“This will boost trade and commerce and shorten distance and travel time between these three industrial towns of Jharkhand”,says Kishore Mantri,member of the Federation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The 100 km long Expressway with 45 metre width needs 450 hectares of land.It is to be constructed on Build-Finance-Operate-Transfer(BFOT)basis by the State Highway Authority in three phases.In the first phase,the Expressway is planned to be constructed between Ranchi and Bokaro.

In the second and third phases,it is planned to be extended from Bokaro to Dhanbad and project management is to be handed over to the builder for a specified period respectively.

While the selection of the builder and construction of work is planned to be kick started by end of 2013,there is a sense of pessimism about its prospect among those staff of the land revenue department who knew how difficult was the task of land acquisition in Jharkhand.

“Every body knows that due to non availability of land,many development projects worth millions of rupees were hanging fire.As this greenfield Expressway requires acquisition of huge areas of land,I think it will be a Himalayan task to accomplish”,said Sudama Singh,ex Deputy Secretary of the state’s land revenue department.”Had the existing road been widened and turned into Expressway,it would have been much easier to complete it.”

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