Pragya Kendras

What is Pragya Kendra ?

The Common Service Center project is in full swing. In Jharkhand there has been both proactive support as well as indifference on the part of the local administration in supporting CSCs. While one of the important components of the project, verification and certification of CSCs has been very slow, about 120 Block offices and District headquarters have CSCs with SWAN (JharNet). 3000 of the 4562 panchayats have CSCs but there is little support in the connectivity related problems. SCAs too find it uneconomical to bear the cost of a private network for connectivity, especially in the present conditions where online activity is minimal. Where required, VLEs themselves opt for low cost low bandwidth connectivity, mostly GPRS.

Not that all is bad. Many actions have been done which prove one fact……… a little support and demonstration of ownership of the project can go a long way in benefiting all stakeholders; i.e. Government, citizens, SCAs and VLEs.
In the State of Jharkhand, any experiments have been completed and many are in process.
Pilot of E-nagarik sewa has been completed and based on the success, has been approved for implementation across the State.

District wise Pragya Kendras List

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