"Political leaders divide the society for vested interests":RSS


Sarsanghchalak Mohan Madhukar Bhagwat,Swayamsevaks

Sarsanghchalak Mohan Madhukar Bhagwat was in Ranchi today to oil the RSS in Jharkhand.

After meeting volunteers(Swayamsevaks),he addressed a function participated by them.Later,replying to a variety of questions gathered through SMSes and emails,he made it clear that the RSS has nothing to do with politics.Neither the BJP was the political outfit of the RSS,he claimed.

His statement that “there is no relation between the two”(BJP and the RSS) and that “Swyamsevaks were in all parties”was understood to be part of its strategy to whitewash the “communal”image of the BJP and make it acceptable by the minorities ahead of the general elections due in 2014.

In reply to a pointed question as to why RSS was not popular among the minorities,Bhagwat called upon them to join the outfit and decide for themselves.”Don’t believe what others say”,said Bhagwat.” Political leaders divide the society for their selfish reasons. All are welcome to RSS-fold without any aspirations for privileges…we believe in brotherhood and expect the same from you.”

Bhagwat sought to make every body believe that RSS is not communal organization.To substantiate his statement,he told the audience that he had met a Muslim thirteen years ago in Himachal Pradesh and learnt that he has been with the RSS since 1946.“The fundamentals of the RSS are based on values, morals, service to the nation, adhering to truth and building up a society based on unity, harmony and happiness,” he added.

In reply to another question whether Ram temple would be constructed at Ayodhya, Bhagawat replied that his outfit was committed to build the temple.But since the case was pending in a court,said RSS chief,he favoured an enactment of a law in Parliament to pave the way for construction of the Ram temple.

Answering a question on infiltration by residents of Bangladesh,Bhagawat attributed its cause to “vote bank politics” which enlisted them as voters and offered them ration cards.He opined that this can be dealt with by containing bribes that were offered for acquiring ration cards and enrolling them in voters’ list.

Referring to reports of Hindus from Pakistan crossing over into India following their alleged prosecution there,the RSS chief called upon the people to treat them as guests and send them back when conditions become favourable to them in Pakistan.

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