Police out to conduct DNA test on mother and son to resolve school warden’s murder case

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Mishra,a warden of the Ranchi based Oxford school’s hostel,was crushed to death by a vehicle near Dhurva in Ranchi on May 11,2012.She was allegedly sexually exploited by the school’s owner Shashi Bhushan Mehta.

After her death,the police had collected the call details of Mishra and Mehta.Both had communicated with each other many a time.Mehta,who was married and had a child,was arrested on the charge of having illicit relationship with Mishra.

The FIR alleged that after she put pressure on him to marry,he got her murdered.The contract killers were allegedly hired by Mehta.They allegedly crushed her to death by a vehicle in Dhurva where she had gone to watch circus,alleged the FIR.

Since the police did not collect any evidence showing the conspiracy and her murder,Mehta came out of jail on bail.Subsequently,the investigating officer Sub Inspector HN Shah was transferred.

Now,the Sub Inspector Birendra Rajvanshi had taken the investigation to a different direction by deciding to get the DNA test conducted on Mehta’s wife and his son.Rajvanshi’s logic?

Mehta never had son from his wife.”Since the son was given birth by Mishra,the DNA test on the mother and son can resolve the case”,thinks Rajvanshi.

However,incase the DNA test confirmed that Mehta’s wife was the mother of his son,the entire case will fall flat providing relief to the murderer.Isn’t the police favouring the accused Mehta?

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